Capital Sustainability is a Washington, DC based Benefits Corporation that delivers holistic solutions to systemic problems that threaten the vibrancy of our communities. Confronting the challenges of our lifetime is a social responsibility that entails changing paradigms, and proactively developing innovative solutions.

What makes Capital Sustainability unique?

Unlike most firms, CS has multifaceted capabilities, which enable us to develop comprehensive solutions. We look at Sustainability through more than just the traditional lens of reducing energy consumption, but also through environmental impacts and job training/workforce development, housing affordability – improving the lives of individuals with each of our projects.

We are also different in that we are not only advisers, we are implementers. Most consultants receive their payment and wish you the best. We have the technical and financial ability to either manage the process on your behalf, or analyze outcomes, and make adjustments where necessary. Given our experience we understand that innovative solutions often mean unexpected consequences and setbacks. A steadfast commitment is core part of our services

Our interdisciplinary experience covers the following areas:

Project Finance

– Developing Innovative capital stack financing solutions for real estate development, community economic development and sustainability solutions.

– Programmatic knowledge and relationships across sectors, including but not limited to: Capital Markets, Federal programs, state and local programs, financial institutions, foundations, crowd-funding etc,

– Fusing and maximizing funding opportunities from distinct programs into single projects, leveraging synergies, and lowering Capital Costs.


Energy Generation, Management and Reduction

Solar and Wind Power

– Structuring and developing distributed solar deployments;

– Managing competitive procurement programs.


Co-Generation and Geothermal

– Currently working on a feasibility study for an Energy Resiliency Micro-Grid project powered by geothermal electricity production.

– Developing a feasibility study for deployment of a Ground Mount Solar Array and Co-Generation operation, as a part of a rural Eco-District project.

– Experience analyzing and overseeing the design and installation of Sustainable deployments across varied property types


Building Efficiency

Experience Managing the full spectrum of facility analysis including energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, net metering and automation, siting and design.

Site Planning and Development

Capital Sustainability leads an Integrated processes that identifies optimal uses for properties while enhancing the community. This includes managing design professionals through the pre-development and entitlement phase. In many cases, we serve as an owner’s representative

Stormwater Management 

We execute master site planning, engineering and implementation of stormwater management practices

Where available, we will oversee the participation in the the stormwater and/or mitigation credit market.

Economic Opportunity/Economic Empowerment

With every project we emphasize solutions that provide workforce development opportunities and positive economic impact for the communities in which we work.  We strive to partner with key stakeholders to unlock the potential within the areas that the projects are located and ensure that our project s are not “one and done” but rather have lasting impact.

Design and Implementation of Net Energy Facilities

We lead the coordination of design professionals in analyzing all elements of facilities building design and use, to create specifications for sustainability and automation implementations.

Community Development

Sustainability solutions are slowly being integrated into the communities that need them the most. Our solutions draw on best practices such that we bring best-in-class protocols into low to moderate income zones and residences. Sustainability is a phrase that transcends energy and environment. Our sustainability model includes workforce development solutions.

Educational Enhancement

Within every project, where possible, we embed educational opportunities for the organizational stakeholders and the broader community with a goal of increasing project awareness and the adoption of sustainable practices.

Community Engagement and Public Participation

With any community project, we believe in engaging the community. We design and implement proactive engagement programs with program stakeholders. This includes the coordination of messaging and organizing public participation and feedback on individual projects. We produce and utilize traditional and digital tactics and platforms for inclusive engagement. This includes the development of website, social platforms, print and other supporting materials.

Health and Wellness

Many of our strategies have the intentional impact of helping to improve our air quality, water quality and built environment such that the overall health and wellness of the residents of our projects is greatly improved.